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Are you attending Autodesk University 2012 the week of November 26th - 29th? If so, then TurboAU for iPad is the "must have" app for this event!

TurboAU is a free special limited edition of our revolutionary new TurboSite app designed for documenting fieldwork and job-site observations.

There's no other app like it today.

TurboAU contains AU schedules, courses, and speakers in PDF format to help keep you organized even if you don't have an Internet connection.

In addition, TurboAU also includes the AU Exhibit floor plan at Mandalay Bay so you can add GeoMarks of your own pictures, notes, audio, and even video of your favorite AU exhibitors. (Hint: IMSI/Design Booth #1205! :-) )

NOTE: TurboAU has the full capability of our premier TurboSite app, but only for use with included TurboAU drawing files.

Take GeoWalk™ out for a spin. GeoWalk tracks your location within Mandalay Bay -- with or without connectivity to the Internet, satellites, or cell towers. GeoNudge™ even lets you pinpoint your exact location.

Add your own GeoMark™ to a drawing. Use iPad to take a photo or video and watch as they're automatically inserted in a separate layer over the electronic file. Try adding text notes and audio annotations as well. Your GeoMark is not only correctly positioned, even your orientation is denoted.

Whether it's using front and rear cameras, voice recorders, accelerometers, gyros, compass, GPS, multi-touch, etc., we hope you quickly see this is a documentation app like no other in the AEC world.

Please visit us at Autodesk University booth #1205 to discuss how TurboSite is reinventing fieldwork and job site visits for AEC. And more!

Free TurboAU feature set includes:

Real-Time Position Tracking

• GeoWalk™ : Anytime Anywhere positioning, even when GPS or A-GPS is not available or a document is not geolocated
• GPS: Full support for satellite GPS, A-GPS, WPS, etc.
• SPS™: Sensor Positioning System, uses built-in sensors, including accelerometers, gyros, and compass, to determine position and orientation
• GeoNudge™: Allows you to dramatically increase the positional accuracy by moving position indicator to exact location

Documenting Features:

• GeoMark™: Intelligent markers and links that are auto-located and oriented
• Automatically creates a layer containing GeoMarks and markups so original file is protected and undisturbed. Content types include: Photos, video, audio/dictation, text, CAD drawing data
• GeoMark Manager allows you to create, name, edit, delete, view and organize content for optimal reporting

Mark-Up Features:

• Redmark tools
• Inquiry tools
• Layer Manager
• Layout support
• Create screen shots of drawings and markups

Unique 3D Features

• Support for 3D PDF (U3D)
• Unique "always facing" text and dimensions that always face current view in 3D

Viewing Features

• Lightning-fast 2D and 3D environment
• A variety of visual styles include: Wireframe, hidden line, shaded, gray scale, and more
• Isometric view
• Custom perspective camera lens view
• AutoCAD® SHX font support
• TrueType font support
• Supports AutoCAD linetypes

File Sharing and Interoperability

• File Management: Create sub-folders, cut/copy/paste/rename files and folders
• TAP (TurboApps) file format consolidates disparate file types and assembles into a single, highly-portable file to ease distribution, sharing, and archiving
• Quickly email marked-up files
• Native support for DWG, DXF, PDF, and 3D PDF (U3D)

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